Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two jobs = no time for art

Hi folks, it's been a while since I've been able to create any new paintings, and I don't see that changing anytime soon! I picked up a second job back in February, and my work load at both jobs has been steadily increasing.

There is a half-finished painting on my easel that I began back in ... May? June? I am tired of seeing it that way, so will no doubt find the time to complete it.

It kills me to not be in the studio now, when I had finally reconnected with painting after many years away from it. Perhaps I need a time management coach!

UPDATE: Thanks to those who have given me a kick in the pants... I will be back at it soon.


artzart said...

Hi Kim,

Hope you are finding the time to paint soon - it's really hard when you are in that transition period of work, but you are SOOOO talented!

Just remember my mom's words "no one will tell you to take the time to paint, just do it, you are worth it." Your paints and easel are waiting and whispering to you - you will feel the tug and pull and get back to it.

Love, Jerie

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,

Forgive me for my in-your-face attitude, but do you mind my asking why the hell you are not painting everyday and enthusiastically posting your work on ebay? You obviously have more than enough of what it takes to be an extraordinary painter. You really do. Do you have any idea how brilliant that portrait of S. Vaughan is? Please. Do you not love painting anymore? Are you bored with it? Dare I ask, "Are you lazy?" Let me remind you that there is no such thing as "finding the time to paint." You paint - that's it. Quit a job. Take on another, I don't care! Have three jobs! But, you need to be painting. If you let this thing slip away it will be your own fault. Am I not right? The question is, Can you live with that? Hint: the answer is a two letter word. You're a painter. BE A PAINTER!

Oh, and Merry Chritsmas, too.

Craig S.

Anonymous said...

Love those words from "anonymous!"

It's so easy to burn the candle at both ends for a day job etc etc - hope you burn that candle at both ends as you move ahead with your creative endeavor of painting exceptionaly well!

Mom always said no one will tell you take the time to paint - well here on this site there are at least two of us cheering you on!

Missed you at Christmas - see you New Years Day!
Love, Jerie

PainterKim said...

Craig S: I don't mind in-your-face attitudes at all; I tend to like them. Are you the Craig S I think you are?


Austin Maloney said...

I know exactly what your going through. I am just getting back at it after a couple months of an insanely busy schedule. Hope you find time to resume your painting soon.

Best Wishes,


PainterKim said...

Thanks for that, Austin! Glad to see you're back at it.